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Food & Feed Solutions

We continually seek opportunities to offer the best quality plant-based ingredients, with a focus on traceability and sustainability. 

Demand growth for natural ingredients is accelerating fast, fuelled by increasing use in functional foods, nutraceutical products, personal care products and other non-food and industry applications. 

Our Food & Feed Solutions Platform is focused on developing and growing LDC’s presence in the ingredients space, through integrated processing of value-added products and solutions. 

The Platform comprises the following business lines:

  • glycerin
  • lecithin
  • edible oil
  • specialty feed proteins (initially focused on China, where we plan to grow our presence in fermented soybean meal and specialty soy proteins).

Our existing agricultural product origination and processing network positions us well to diversify our business portfolio with the production of high-quality ingredients. 

We look forward to leveraging these capabilities and our in-house expertise to serve our customers with the finest products and logistics solutions, and advance our ambitious growth plans for the ingredients space.