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From supporting the farmers who grow the products we merchandize, to understanding the needs of customers who purchase our goods, partnerships are central to our business model. And when it comes to tackling sustainability issues facing our industry, we believe that collaboration is crucial to find shared solutions to common challenges, with fair outcomes for all stakeholders.

Effective action for more sustainable food and agricultural supply chains relies on collaboration by stakeholders across the value chain – from farmers, processors, transporters and distributors, to local communities, non-government organizations, national governments and the financial community.

Accordingly, in 2021, LDC continued to leverage its position as a leading, global merchant and processor of agricultural goods to influence the adoption of more sustainable practices across our business lines.

For agri-commodities such as coffee, cotton, palm and soy, we consulted and worked with a wide range of partners to develop and promote product-specific sustainability codes, policies and standards, and drive supply chain traceability, transparency, certification and verification.

At the same time, working alongside the Louis Dreyfus Foundation and other partner organizations, we supported the adoption of sustainable farming techniques by some 15,000 additional farmers around the world, empowering them to reduce production costs and boost yields sustainably – for example, through agroforestry projects that saw the planting of 300,000 native trees globally.

We also joined forces with organizations representing the entire shipping industry to accelerate the drive toward more sustainable shipping, by signing a call to action for full international shipping decarbonization by 2050, and to protect workers at sea, by contributing to the development of a dedicated Code of Conduct for seafarers’ rights and welfare.

We are also committed to eliminating deforestation and conversion of native vegetation of high conservation value for agricultural purposes from all our supply chains, by the end of 2025.

We are supported in this ambition by the Tropical Forest Alliance, a multi-stakeholder partnership platform that catalyzes the power of collective action to drive the world’s transition to deforestation-free supply chains.

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