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Advancing sustainability in our business lines.

Guided by our company purpose to create fair and sustainable value, and working with a range of like-minded partners, our teams continued to help shape increasingly transparent and sustainable supply chains globally.

Coffee Coffee


Rolled out revised Code of Conduct for Coffee Suppliers and piloted responsible sourcing program.

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Cotton Cotton


Increased global volumes of Better Cotton purchased and supported smallholder farmers in Africa.

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Freight Freight


Signed global call to action for shipping decarbonization and contributed to Code of Conduct for seafarers’ rights.

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Juice Juice


Verified all LDC farms to international standards, enlarged conservation areas and planted thousands of native trees.

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Palm Palm


Advanced traceability and developed methodology to quantify deforestation-free volumes in our supply chain.

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Soybeans Soybeans


Expanded traceability reporting in Brazil, grew certified sustainable volumes in Argentina, and revised our Program for Sustainable Agriculture.

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