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Caring for People

We are committed to protecting and investing in our people, who are crucial to our business.

LDC’s approximately 18,000 employees are active in more than 100 countries around the world. It’s our priority to ensure their safety, wellbeing and continued development, by promoting a work environment that encourages safe behaviors, respect for diversity and human rights, and equal opportunities to learn and grow.


We strive to nurture and leverage diversity in all its forms, while promoting inclusive work environments where respect for every individual is a priority.

Safety and Health

Our goal is to create a zero-accident workplace wherever we operate, ensuring that all people who work for and with us can return home safely every day.
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Human Rights

We aim for fair practices in all our activities, eliminating child and forced labor from our supply chains and ensuring respect for diversity in all its forms.
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We equip our employees with the tools and skills they need to perform their duties, and give them opportunities to develop to their fullest potential. In turn, our agronomists train local farming communities in sustainable agricultural practices to help them improve their livelihoods for long-term stability and growth.

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