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    A sustainable business never stops learning

    At LDC, we believe that the sustainability of our business depends not only on the renewal of Natural resources but also in the continual development and training of our people and partners

    Training in the Workplace

    LDC employs many talented people around the world, who bring a variety of qualifications, experience and skills, and a shared determination to achieve excellence in our business and drive fair and sustainable value creation.

    But we don’t want them to stop there.

    We want to give our people the tools, knowledge and opportunities they need to develop to their fullest potential.

    Our tailored training programs facilitate their professional growth, promoting an inclusive environment for learning and development.

    Training in the Field

    LDC is committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices across the world, aiming to safeguard the environment, develop sustainable livelihoods and the future of our business.

    Because we believe that sustainable agriculture is closely linked with the economic wellbeing of smallholder farming communities, we choose to work directly with them on the ground.

    We train farmers to adopt sustainable agriculture practices, helping them to increase their productivity and incomes for the long-term, to drive social and economic development in their community, and ultimately to stay in farming.

    What We Do

    Each year, LDC agronomists visit thousands of smallholder farmers, training them not only to improve their agricultural techniques but also to observe national and international laws and standards.

    Working with our partners, we organize training on sustainable farming techniques, responsible use of pesticides, access to markets, accounting, adaptation to climate change and more.

    Increasingly, our projects focus on women or entire families, recognizing the key role they play in the social and economic development of their local community.

    Improved productivity leads to increased incomes, which in turn allows investment in local infrastructure and education. As farmers pass on their knowledge of sustainable production techniques to the next generation, they also protect the long-term supply of their crop.

    Working Across the Globe

    Our commitment to practical education is not restricted to a single area, or a particular generation. LDC proudly trains thousands of smallholder farmers, and enhances the educational experience of hundreds of children, around the world.

    Farmer training center in India –
    Opening a center in Gurugram to train farmers in new crop technologies and efficient irrigation methods

    Vocational agri-school in Ivory Coast – Founding a vocational school to teach innovative and sustainable agricultural practices to local farmers

    Sustainable micro-farming in Brazil – Training açaí farmers in Marajó and Rurópolis to improve the yield, quality and profitability of their production

    Agroforestry for sustainability in Brazil and Africa –Training local farming families to grow nutritious and profitable crops, while protecting biodiversity