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    Juice Sustainability Report 2019

    New strides for fair & sustainable juice production

    Juice Report 2019
    Signed first green finance agreement, linking Juice business financing to environmental, safety and sustainability certification performance
    Juice Report 2019
    84% of citrus farms now certified by the Rainforest Alliance and verified as Gold Grade by the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform
    Juice Report 2019
    Invested 81,000+ hours in training activities to drive the professional growth of our people and ensure their safety and wellbeing
    Juice Report 2019
    Planted 35,000+ native trees at our farms


    We invest continually in the safety, health and wellbeing of our people – our most important asset and the key to our success and growth. We also promote diversity and inclusion in everything we do, aiming to attract, develop and retain the best available talent everywhere.
    People-commited to zero

    Committed to Zero

    Continued to invest in processes and equipment safety enhancements, to prevent accidents and incidents affecting safety, health or the environment.

    Training & Development

    Dedicated more than 81,000 hours to developing our employees’ skills.

    Diversity & Inclusion

    Introduced new recruitment practices at all LDC sites in Brazil, to avoid discrimination, including the use of blind CVs excluding all personal information.
    people - recognition


    Ranked among the ‘150 Best Companies to Work For in Brazil’ for the 2nd consecutive year, in a survey run by Você S/A magazine with Fundação Instituto de Administração.
    Key Fact

    Injury gravity decreased by 73% since 2015


    We are committed to LDC’s global goal to achieve a 5% reduction between 2018 and 2022, in each of our four environmental key performance indicators.
    Environment - co2 emissions

    CO² Emissions

    We reduced emissions from Juice operations by 15% through local initiatives, like the use of cottonseed bark to generate energy at one site.
    Environment - Water usage

    Water Usage

    We reduced water consumption in both industrial and agricultural activities, for example by recycling water generated during the manufacture of frozen concentrated orange juice, and through efforts to optimize irrigation at farms.

    Solid Waste Sent to Landfill

    We continued to reduce waste by stepping up recycling efforts across Brazil and by enhancing juice industrial processes, for instance with improved selective waste collection systems.

    Electricity & Energy Consumption

    The increase in our energy consumption index was mainly attributable to the launch of new dry peel, effluent treatment and irrigation installations at some of our sites.
    Key Fact

    We achieved carbon neutrality for our two main offices in Brazil, by planting 1,600 trees to compensate emissions from these.


    Recognizing that creating fair and sustainable value goes beyond generating jobs and economic activity, we work with many stakeholders in the communities where we operate, supporting their long-term growth and welfare.
    Communities - Education


    Fundação Abrinq continues to recognize LDC as a child-friendly company for our 20+ years of work with, and support to, a local school.


    We welcomed to our sites over 60 university students, to discover our agronomy, chemical engineering, administration, logistics, accounting and industrial nutrition practices.

    Beach Cleaning

    LDC employee volunteers and their families worked together on a Saturday morning to collect trash found on a 2.5km stretch of sandy local beach.
    Communities - Good Gymkhana

    Good Gymkhana

    Through this yearlong drive, we collected over 1,115 liters of milk, 340kg of food and 115kg of cleaning and hygiene products for donation to various local charities. 
    Key fact

    Over 1,400 children participated in our annual environmental education initiative with local schools: Together for the Environment 


    Working in accordance with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which advocate partnerships to maximize positive impacts, we collaborate with a wide range of partners in our work toward a fair and sustainable juice value chain.
    Rainforest Alliance

    Rainforest Alliance

    We continue to pursue certification for our own operations, for both our farms and full chain of custody, and to help third party suppliers do the same.

    Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform

    Verification by the SAI Platform advanced in 2019, with 32 out of 38 farms verified as Gold Grade.
    Juice Report 2019

    Sharing Best Practice

    We celebrated the fifth anniversary of Programa Compartilhar, LDC’s initiative to help third party fruit suppliers achieve certification through more sustainable farm management.

    Reinforcing Customer Relationships

    We worked closely with customers to offer innovative solutions and tailored products to meet their needs and address evolving consumer trends and expectations.

    Key fact

    Gold Grade verification by the SAI Platform advanced to 32 out of 38 farms managed by LDC