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In addition to the now-customary combination of sustained harvests and large inventories, the first six months of 2018 were also marked by a trade war, with the US and China unexpectedly imposing new tariffs on each other across a wider variety of products, including soy.

The Value Chain segment performance was supported by improved oilseeds processing margins and strong results of the Freight and Global markets platforms, despite the temporarily negative impact of the strategy of locking in oilseed crush margins during the semester, securing future profits as volumes are processed during the second half of 2018 and into 2019.

All the platforms of the Merchandizing segment delivered a sound performance with the exception of Coffee, which steered through a slow farmer selling environment.

Our renowned ability to adapt to changing conditions remained a key asset, together with a business strategy that once again proved apposite.

Net sales in 2018

US$18.8 billion

2017: US$18.8 billion

Segment Operating Results

US$493 million

2017: US$542 million
Gross Margin plus Share of income in associates and joint ventures

Net income Group share

US$100 million

2017: US$160 million
Including both continuing operations and discontinued Metals operations

Equity Group share

US$4,775 million

2017: US$5,127 million

Fixed assets

Close to US$4 billion

Intangible assets and property, plant & equipment.

Net proceeds

US$468 million

 From sale of investments and fixed assets

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