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As a leading juice merchandizer active in more than 70 countries, LDC recognizes its responsibility to help shape increasingly fair and sustainable juice value chains, in line with our company purpose and global commitment to sustainable business.

“Sustainability continued to underpin our decision-making in 2021, from conserving native biodiversity at LDC-managed farms, to advances in certification and verification to meet customer expectations.”

Monica Neves

Sustainability Manager for Juice

Monica Neves


Our operations span the entire citrus juice value chain, from farming to packaged juice distribution, enabling us to promote sustainable practices throughout the entire supply chain and influence third-party fruit suppliers in Brazil to adopt these also.

In 2021, LDC continued to strengthen its partnership with and support to third-party citrus farmers, advance its traceability, certification and verification efforts, develop biodiversity conservation plans for LDC-managed citrus farms, and pursue safety and environmental targets.

Sharing Best Practice

Through our ‘Programa Compartilhar’ (Share Program), we continued to share and encourage the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices. In 2021, we directly and indirectly reached approximately 1,300 people, including third-party fruit suppliers and their families and employees, representing approximately 80% of fruit volumes sourced from third party suppliers.

Developed in 2015, this program aims to share information on best agricultural practices, new technologies, traceability, biological control, responsible pest management, sustainable farm management and more, in accordance with the standards set out in our Conduct Manual for Raw Material Suppliers, which all our third party suppliers are required to sign.

Advancing Certification & Verification

With three more LDC-managed citrus farms verified by the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform in 2021, all 38 are now verified to SAI Platform standards, 37 to gold level and one to silver level. Thirty-two of our farms are also Rainforest Alliance Certified™.

In addition to our farming operations, LDC is committed to sustainable practices throughout its juice value chain, as confirmed by Sedex-SMETA audits of our industrial and port operations.

50% of all fruit processed in our plants meets international standards such as those of the Rainforest Alliance, SAI Platform, GLOBALG.A.P. or Fairtrade. Aiming for greater equity for smallholder farmers in international markets, our Fairtrade juice volumes processed in 2021 increased by 250% compared with 2020, guaranteeing a premium payment for 37 farmers, that is then required be invested back into in social, economic or environmental projects of their choice.

Preserving Biodiversity

The long-term future of our business and of agricultural supply chains depends on the responsible use of natural resources and conservation of native ecosystems. This is why LDC acts continually to preserve native fauna and flora through the development of Biodiversity Protection and Conservation Plans for each of our farms.

With three more farms verified by the SAI Platform in 2021, all LDC-managed citrus farms now have Biodiversity Protection and Conservation Plans in place, bringing the total area mapped for conservation to 11,300 hectares.

As part of these plans, in 2021 we planted around 19,360 native seedlings across our citrus farms, mainly at our Santo Antonio da Barra Nova, São Luis, Santa Angela, Monte Belo, Bocaina, Graúna and São José farms.

Health and Safety

The safety and wellbeing of our people is our top priority, and with continued Covid-related challenges in 2021, our teams monitored the situation closely and intensified hygiene and safety protocols and restrictions wherever necessary to protect our people.

Despite a marginal increase in our gravity index related to a single incident, overall the trend remained positive for our juice business safety performance indices, with record lows on accident frequency and severity.




*NB: Figures for 2020 reflect post-audit adjustments to hours worked.

Acting for the Environment

As part of LDC’s commitment to reduce its environmental footprint, we continued to pursue projects aiming to reduce our four key performance indicators:

  • Electricity & energy consumption: Up 31%
  • Water usage: Up 40%
  • CO2 emissions: Up 18%
  • Solid waste sent to landfill: Down 11%

Although we continued to make positive strides for solid waste reduction, our other indicators increased in 2021, as power was required to pump water for increased irrigation as severe drought impacted our citrus farms in Brazil, driving up energy use and emissions.

  2020 2021
  Absolute Index (/MT) Absolute Index (/MT)
Energy (kWh) 113,861,242.26 46.026 133,456,652.83 48.918
GHG (tCO2) (with biog.) 411,909.81 0.167 468,639.11 0.172
Water (m3) 17,267,112.26 6.980 21,022,869.33 7.706
Solid Waste (Kg) 236,982.22 0.096 157,971.22 0.058


Extend Supplier Code of Conduct audits to 50% of third-party suppliers

Completion: 2021

Status: Missed*

*as a result of Covid restrictions in Brazil

Secure SAI Platform Silver grade verification for 3 citrus farms

Completion: 2021

Status: Complete

New Targets

Carry out Supplier Code of Conduct audits with 33% of third-party suppliers

Completion: 2022

Carry out Supplier Code of Conduct audits with 66% of third-party suppliers

Completion: 2023

Carry out Supplier Code of Conduct audits with 100% of third-party suppliers

Completion: 2024

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