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At LDC, we are committed to helping empower smallholder cotton farming communities for greater resilience and a more sustainable future, working with a range of partners to improve supply chain practices, and promoting the purchase of sustainably produced cotton.

LDC and Better Cotton

As the world’s leading sustainability initiative for cotton, LDC has consistently promoted Better Cotton‘s comprehensive sustainability standards in our cotton supply chains and prioritized Better Cotton purchases.

In 2022, we strengthened our ties with the organization by taking a seat on the Better Cotton Council, an elected board that drives cotton toward a sustainable future. As one of 12 Council members, we are proud to contribute to shaping global strategy to help cotton communities survive and thrive, while protecting and restoring the environment.

We also work in the field to empower smallholder cotton farmers around the world, through projects offering training in good agricultural practices.

* Figure restated to include an additional 603 MT sourced from South Africa, not reflected in our 2021 Sustainability Report.

Looking Ahead

In 2023, LDC has ambitious targets to build climate smart, regenerative and traceable cotton supply chains, in order to capture and deliver value both up- and downstream, including to farming communities whose production we all rely on.

In particular, our actions will focus on innovation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at farm level and develop digital chains of custody downstream. To maximize impacts, we believe we must innovate and de-risk this innovation for our customers, ultimately contributing to more efficient, lower carbon supply chains.


Take individual membership of the ILO’s Child Labour Platform

Completion: 2022

Status: Complete

Increase Better Cotton purchased over previous year by 10%

Completion: 2020-2023

Status: Missed for 2022

Purchase 50% more Better Cotton than in 2018

Completion: 2023

Status: Complete*

*Ahead of time

New & Amended Targets

Initiate a digital chain of custody pilot in Brazil, India & US

Completion: 2023

Initiate climate smart cotton pilots in India & US

Completion: 2023

Extend Project Jagruthi in India to reach at least 12,000 farmers

Completion: 2023

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