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We are committed to preventing habitat destruction as a result of our activities.

Why Biodiversity Matters

Losing land of high ecological value destroys habitats, has knock-on effects for climate change, adversely affects water retention and can disrupt local communities.

Such land is vital to the health of our global ecosystem, and it is our company policy to preserve it to ensure the conservation of biodiversity.

What We Do

Protecting the biodiversity of natural habitats surrounding our facilities is a priority, both in the expansion and daily operation of our global asset network. We strive to do so by:

  • Carrying out environmental and social impact assessments before commencing any project in areas with potential ecological sensitivities;
  • Replacing habitats that we build over, when we expand or construct new assets;
  • Training farmers in responsible farming practices that contribute to the conservation of natural habitats;
  • Defining and following biodiversity protection and conservation plans at all the citrus farms we manage directly in Brazil;
  • Implementing our Soy Sustainability Policy, which opposes the conversion of native vegetation and encourages expansion onto existing pasture land;
  • Influencing our palm oil supply chain to comply with our No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE) policy.